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Ginger Roars

Introducing the tastiest energy snack on the market that will leave you craving for more. The hardest part? Limiting yourself to just two or three of these yummy treats. Taste was our #1 priority in creating Ginger Roars, which is why they took us 5 years to develop. The slight fire of ginger combines with the sweetness of cane sugar and subtlety of virgin coconut oil to create the most delicious energy chews that will leave you purring and roaring for more
Ginger Roars Office Snacks

Half Fruit + Half Snacks

The perfect mix of office snacks and fruit for your office. Delivered on a weekly or fortnightly basis straight to your office or employees homes. Only 82p per item.

£33.00 + vat

Healthy Snack Boxes

Variety of premium single serve snacks to suit everybody, presented in an attractive display unit. The contents rotate weekly and each box contains a wide range of healthy snacks ranging from, Veggie Crisps, Peanut Butter to Protein Bars and Broad Bean Crisps. Only 98p per snack.

£39.00 + vat

The Snacker Box

20  Snacks for the office. The perfect mix of delicious healthy snacks including Vegan and Gluten Free options.  Only £1.25 per snack

£23.00 + vat

Office Snacks Packed With Caffine & Raw Ginger

Packed with 33 mg of caffeine and raw ginger, these chewable treats are your secret weapon to stay energised, focused, without keeping you up all night. When your energy dips a bit, you don’t always want a massive whack of caffeine that rips your heart out of your chest. Ginger Roars are a gentle boost, to get you through the day without sacrificing sleep. And at only 17 calories per chew, they make for the perfect, healthy snack for adults. We want everyone to experience the amazing benefits of Ginger Roars, so you’ll be happy to know they’re vegan too!

-33 mg of Caffeine Per Chew -Less than 17 Calories -6 Wrapped Gummies per Pack -Perfect for On the Go -Vegan Friendly -Delicious Taste -No Artificial Sweeteners -Less Risk of Sleep Disruption

Perfect For Every Occasion

Ginger Roars are perfect for anything from little lift in the office, a boost for a study session or a big boost for a hard gym session, they’re purrfect for every occasion. They’re also ideal for complementing your marathon nutrition plan and perfect navigating an ultra race where precise caffeine control is key. With Ginger Roars, you have the power to customise your caffeine dosage to match your needs.


Cane Sugar, Ginger, Tapioca Starch, Virgin Coconut Oil, Caffeine (0.8%), Lecithin.

Manufactured in a facility that processes peanuts, soya beans, and coconuts.

We also deliver office fruit, milk, juices, bread, cereals and flowers – your one stop shop for the office.