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Office Fruit Deliveries for Manchester Offices

An office fruit delivery isn’t just a treat for your team, it can actively encourage a healthier lifestyle, help reduce stress levels whilst demonstrating to your Manchester based team that you care.

Equally an office fruit delivery is only part of your employee wellbeing strategy. Thats’ why we don’t just offer fresh, seasonal fruit and healthy snacks but also a full wellness programme with our partners Key Wellbeing.

Seasonal Office Fruit Delivery
Office Fruit Delivery

What Snacks Do You Serve In Your Manchester Office?

Do you  serve high carb, high fat, processed foods, sweets, and desserts in your office? If Yes, Listen!

The epidemic of obesity is burgeoning, especially among the workforce. Many offices have desk-based jobs with little to no movement. On top of that, employees are still often served extremely unhealthy food choices that are sometimes detrimental to their health.

Such an unhealthy diet increases the risk of Type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disorder, cholesterol, non-alcoholic fatty liver disease and much more.

A report by the CDC states that in February 2005, an Employee Health Lifestyle Program was initiated. Participants underwent a complete health assessment before and after the study. The experimentation spanned over 1 year, and after one year of health and dietary education, office workers ate at least 3 servings of fruits and vegetables per day. Many were willing to increase their fruit and vegetable consumption to 5 servings per day.

In conclusion, office workers are more likely to follow a healthy diet if you provide healthier substitutes and educate them about their health.

Office Fruit and Snack Deliveries

from £16.95 including delivery.

Office Wellness programmes from £12 per person.

Office Fruit, Office Snacks combined with our regular Wellbeing sessions make Eatsnacks the ideal partner for your Manchester business.

Key Wellbeing

Fruit Deliveries and Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing initiatives are a win-win for everyone. Research by Deloitte suggests that for every £1 spend on employee wellbeing, organisations can expect a £5 return with savings realised through reduced absenteeism, improved retention and better engagement across the board.

Helping workplaces to keep on top of their wellbeing game

Fruit and heathy snacks are both a valuable, low cost component of your employee wellbeing strategy however it is by no means the total solution. That’s why Eatsnacks have partnered with Key Wellbeing to develop a full wellness programme. 

Our Wellbeing Weeks are perfect for Manchester Offices and are designed to help employers to create a consistent wellbeing buzz in the workplace throughout the year and improve connection among fragmented teams.

Prices start from just £12 per person. Find out more and book a free intro session here.

Office Fruit and Healthy Snack Delivery

Office Fruit + Office Snacks

The best of both. Healthy Snacks plus delicious and fresh office fruit.

£39.00 + vat

The Snacker Box

Health Snacks for your Manchester Team. Around 20 items per box.

£23.00 + vat

Office Fruit

A Seasonal mix for fresh fruit delivered to Manchester offices on a regular basis.

£24.95 + vat

Snack Delivery Van

Why Snacks and Fruit from Eatfruit?

Based 20 mins from Manchester City Centre Eat Fruit is a leading fruitier whom offer an ultra reliable fruit delivery service to offices in Manchester.

We are an Ethical business and try and operate our business in the right way! We donate all the surplus or graded fruits to some incredible local charities and food banks, pay the living wage to our small team and pay a fair price to our growers and suppliers.

We are a Sustainable business that loves eco-friendly, fully recyclable packaging. Even our inbound packaging is re-used by local farmers. 

Reuse, reduce, recycle – we have  plastic free packaging options  and 100% Carbon Neutral logistics.

Your Total Wellbeing Solution

Office Fruit, Office Snacks combined with our regular Wellbeing sessions make Eatsnacks the ideal partner for your Manchester business.

Start Today!

Simply get in touch with your requirements, we will introduce you to your dedicated account manager whom will then help you with each step of your order and supply a competitive quote. We cater from small offices to multi site, national organisations across the UK. 

Manchester Office Fruit Deliveries

Eatfruit deliver to office throughout Greater Manchester. Based 20 mins from the city centre, all areas within the M60 and surrounding areas may be delivered to any day of the working week.